Vetch refers to a group of plants in the Vicia genus, which are commonly known as vetches. These plants belong to the legume family (Fabaceae)

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Lupin, also known as lupine, refers to a group of flowering plants belonging to the Lupinus genus in the Fabaceae family. Lupin beans or seeds

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Horse Beans

Horse beans, also known as broad beans or fava beans, are a type of legume that belong to the Vicia faba species. They have a

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Desi Chickpeas

Desi chickpeas, also known as Bengal gram or chana dal, are a variety of chickpeas that are commonly used in Indian and South Asian cuisines.

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Red Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans (MC & HPS) refers to two different grading standards for red kidney beans. MC stands for “Machine Cleaned,” while HPS stands for

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Ethiopian Pinto Beans

Ethiopian Pinto Beans are a variety of pinto beans that are commonly grown and consumed in Ethiopia. Pinto beans, known as “Zebra” beans in Ethiopia,

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